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PHONIA srl is an Italian company that deals with international telecommunications.

Our attention is focused on international traffic and we deal with providing telecommunications services for operators, retailers and companies.

All the people involved in our company offer their customers a great experience in the market to ensure excellence in all services provided.

We provide dedication and goodwill to offer our customers the best possible service, which exceeds all expectations. We provide integrity in our professional services, both inside and outside the company.

For us, innovation must be oriented towards continuous improvement.


Our company, Phonia Srl, offers a various range of long term solutions for your business. An experienced team full of professionals and people dedicated to the highest quality of services, our company has build a strong relationship through the years, with many clients and partners around the world.

We offer solutions for Corporate Voice Services, minimizing your cost and expanding your activity. Also Phonia Srl offers Wholesale Termination with the latest VOIP technology. But our company goes further more. We  assist companies in online marketing strategies. We offer a great expertise in digital marketing and SEO Consultancy.
Our team will be happy to listen to your requests and offer you a full analysis of the actual situation along with direct solutions what will affect your business activity right away

Our Services

Corporate Voice Services

The Corporate Voice Service consists of a complete package which allows companies with large volume of telephone traffic to reduce and control the investment, obtaining a significant competitive advantage. If your company has a high level of outbound traffic to fixed and mobile destinations, in Italy and abroad, it is probably difficult to control costs easily and maintain a high level of voice call quality. Our integrated voice telephony package provides a pricing proposal based on your total expenses and adjusted to the destinations of interest to you.
Consequently, our solutions allow you to save on call costs thanks to really competitive rates. We also offer an extremely flexible service contract, which does not provide for any minimum commitment in terms of volumes or deadlines, and which is based on the possibility ‘to purchase in full freedom the needs based on the needs dictated by the progress of your operation’. The company can therefore calibrate the investment avoiding any contractual restrictions typical of the contracts for the supply of traditional telephone companies, such as fixed fees, binding contractual commitments, withdrawal costs, non-regular invoicing.
The Corporate Voice service provides the offer of traffic using VOIP technology, and technically consists of a simple interconnection of our central office with your VoIP switchboard via IP address; from that moment you will be able to make calls using our network, either from the central office or from any branch offices in the area. The system is flexible and allows you to configure every desired option, in addition you will have a reporting system that ensures timely and updated control of the variables considered most significant. You can also count on a free technical support, at your disposal to quickly resolve any problems that may arise, with the aim of ensuring the continuity of your business. Thanks to the constant commitment to the use of the most efficient technologies, PHONIA allows you to always have services ready for the future.

Wholesale Termination

Phonia Srl ​​offers to the market the voice termination service worldwide, based on IP interconnection with VoIP technology. VoIP is an innovative technology that has the potential to completely redesign the global telephone system. The service consists in the routing and termination of national and international voice traffic to the related termination operators.
We are directly interconnected with the major national and international telephone operators. This allows us to offer the market a competitive and efficient service.
Our sophisticated purchasing marketing process allows us to offer our customers the best prices.
Thanks to direct interconnection with more than 60 national and international operators, we offer a competitive and quality service that can be differentiated over more than 1000 different destinations.
Phonia offers A_Z voice terminations as well as direct termination on specific routes for companies, service providers and carriers. All this using the latest RTP multiplexing technology to cut the bandwidth below 4Kbps while maintaining the quality of the conversation, but also with a secure and efficient Web interface, which allows customers to view their updated usage in real time, the necessary information and a wide range of personalized reports.
You can contact us anytime to get further information or detailed information about our services, solutions and operations. We are always ready to accept new challenges and directions.


Our Offices

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Operative Office

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